Agitator set to bestow coveted title of “Worst Prosecutor of the Year”

Over at The Agitator, Radley Balko asks who should win The 2011 Worst Prosecutor of the Year Award. “This year’s winner will be added to the annals of ignominy, along with prior winners Forrest Allgood, Mary Beth Buchanan, and Tanya Treadway,” writes Balko. Among this year’s contenders: Durham, North Carolina, District Attorney Tracey Cline; Catherine Voelker, supervisor of the Narcotics and Misdemeanors division, Ventura County, California, DA’s Office; Prince William County, Virginia, State’s Attorney Paul Ebert; Grant County, Wisconsin, District Attorney Lisa Riniker; Texas 31st Judicial District Attorney Lynn Switzer; Cook County, Illinois, State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez; Williamson County, Texas District Attorney John Bradley; Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood; Colorado District Attorney Carol Chambers; and Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams.