Danielle Wozniak

danielle-wozniak-picDanielle F. Wozniak, MSW, ACSW, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Social Work and Directs the Bachelors of Social Work Program at The University of Montana, and is co-creator of the university’s sexual assault prevention program, known as Personal Empowerment Through Self Awareness (PETSA).

The program, recently praised on the Inside Higher Ed website, is mandatory for all UM students, who are required to view PETSA’s series of videos and pass a quiz.

In theory, it’s a laudable program. One glaring problem, however, is the following is a pillar of of PETSA:

“MYTH — People lie about sexual assault”

Wozniak boasted to the local newspaper, The Missoulan, “the team that developed the program relied on the best data available when shaping the tutorial,” and did not explain why a fundamental teaching in the program is a flat lie (see bottom of this page for just a few recent cases involving false claims of sexual assault).

Nor did Wozniak explain how requiring that students “learn” that false allegations are a “myth” will enable them to make impartial decisions in disciplinary hearings for accused students (the results of which affect not only the future of the accused at UM, but at any other school they might attend). It seems clear that any student who stands accused, by Wozniak’s rubric, is automatically guilty.

To say nothing of the bad information with which the entire student body at UM then re-enters the world: according to The Missoulan, as of 13 March 2013, roughly 14,000 students have taken the test.

“The information in PETSA is based on national sources from researchers in the field of rape prevention and reduction,” said Wozniak. “They are standard and accepted.”

Which, of course, is also a flat lie.

At least one national group is already asking UM to discontinue PETSA until it can be peer reviewed by independent researchers and updated with a degree of factual accuracy.

The Maryland-based victim-advocacy group, Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE), issued a letter to UM President Royce Engstrom, requesting that he discontinue the program.

According to the Missoulan, SAVE President Everett Bartlett says

he believes the UM program succeeds on several levels and is a good first step in addressing the issue. He also said victims of sexual assault deserve support.

But Bartlett also noted that false rape cases have been reported at a growing number of universities .. and that false claims often divert services, protection and credibility from true victims.

“Any person who claims to be a victim of sexual assault certainly should be respected and supported…. But given the reality of false allegations, it is inappropriate to insist that the complainant be believed until after the case has been fully adjudicated in a court of law.”

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