Irony in Sac County: One DA-wannabe calls out another, alleging prosecutorial misconduct


DA-wannabe Anne Marie Schubert, darling of DA-incumbent Jan Scully

In a county known for widespread corruption, killer cops, rapist cops, child-molesting cops, and more, all under the watch of long-time District Attorney Jan Scully, it is one of Scully’s potential replacements now leveling the charge of prosecutorial misconduct, without a hint of irony, against another DA-hopeful.

Why either Deputy District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert or California Deputy Attorney General Maggy Krell would want top-job on the heels of Scully’s decades-long shitstorm is anyone’s guess.

Scully herself has endorsed Schubert, which makes that an automatic No-vote for us. But we’ll see what the rest of Sac County says.

According to the SacBee :

Deputy District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert leveled the charge at a candidates’ forum Tuesday night against California Deputy Attorney General Maggy Krell, who denied the allegation.

The accusation stems from a 2007 trial in which Krell, in her closing arguments to a jury, sought to buttress her case by making reference to the defendant exercising his constitutional right to not testify. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled as far back as 1965 in Griffin v. California that it is unconstitutional for prosecutors to make any remarks to juries about defendants who don’t testify at their trials.

As a result of Krell’s error, the state’s 3rd District Court of Appeal overturned the conviction of Daniel Ray Maier, who had been found guilty of bribery, conspiracy and grand theft in pre-arranging the outcome of a 2006 harness race at the Cal Expo track in Sacramento.

Speaking at the forum sponsored by the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association, Schubert said, “I have never in my career had a case reversed for prosecutorial misconduct. That’s an important question to ask. Has that ever occurred with any candidate in this room?”

We’ll see what Schubert has to say after she’s saddled with Scully’s mess–not the least of which being a roster of killer cops. Will Schubert also give them a pass? Given Schubert’s endorsement by Scully, our guess is, yes. Because that’s how Sac County DAs and Law Enforcement rolls, yo–and anyone black or brown or handicapped or mentally ill better just move out of town.

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