Trista Leanne Dennis arrested for making false child-sex-assault claims

Trista Leanne Dennis of Hanover, York County, PA, has been arrested for lying to police and endangering the welfare of children– to say nothing of the adult she tried to destroy. Dennis gave “detailed information about sexual acts performed on a child by an adult parent” only to later admit that she had lied and was “trying to implicate the adult.”

It’s a good thing that adults never lie about anything so awful as child sex abuse.

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Woman lies to police about child abuse to try to get man in trouble
by Nate Wardle

West Manheim Township Police have arrested a woman for endangering the welfare of children and lying to police.

Trista Leanne Dennis, 29 of Hanover, was arraigned and taken to York County Central Booking on $2,500 bail.

On April 1, police were notified of alleged sexual abuse of a child occurring repeatedly in the 1000 block of Fuhrman Mill Road in West Manheim Township. Investigators interviewed Dennis, who gave them detailed information about sexual acts performed on a child by an adult parent.

Dennis said she witnessed several of the acts but said that the adult had threatened to shoot her and she was concerned for her safety.

Information led police to search the home and interview the alleged suspect, who denied any such crimes.

On Monday, investigators from the police and York County Children, Youth and Families interviewed Dennis again. She was confronted with several inconsistent statements and admitted that she lied about the child abuse, was trying to implicate the adult and admitted none of the abuse occurred.