18-year-old Kanice R. Norita charged with sexual abuse for relationship with 15-year-old girlfriend who ran away with him so they could escape all the hateful adults in their lives


Kanice’s girlfriend is unnamed in the newspaper accounts — reporters want to call her a “victim” because it’s more exciting that way, just as it’s more exciting to call Kanice a “man” in their headlines — but in our story, we’ll call Kanice’s girlfriend “Juliet,” and we’ll refer to Kanice as he really is: a teen, and the person Juliet most wants to be with in all the world.

Juliet  wanted one thing more than anything else: to be with Kanice.

But Juliet’s brother and and father didn’t want Juliet to be with Kanice. They wanted Juliet all for themselves.

1Juliet’s father went so far as to get a restraining order against Kanice. And when Juliet’s brother found Kanice with Juliet, he called the cops.

Then, on January 15, 2013, Juliet tried one last time to be free. To do what she wanted. To be in love. To be with Kanice.

2So Juliet and Kanice ran away together.

* * *

They made the island their own. They would answer to no adults. They would answer to no one but each other. And the wind. And the sea.

They had little money or food. But, together, they could tough it out. Together, there was nothing they could not do.

They stayed in an abandoned house. 800px-Mokoliʻi_Insel

The house was blue. And made of tin. It was run down, but it was, for a time, their house.

It was kind of scary, being on the run, but it was also an adventure.

Besides, nothing could get in the way of their love.

For eight wonderful days, free from ignorant, sexless, hateful adults, Juliet and Kanice managed to elude the authorities as well as Juliet’s father and brother.

But on Jan. 23, 2013, police hunted down Kanice and served a warrant for his arrest.

3Kanice was carted off by “authorities” and taken to a juvenile detention facility where he could be housed alongside actual juvenile criminals.

And on February 22, he was charged with sexual “abuse” of a minor.

And Juliet wept.

But her brother and father were glad to have Juliet all to themselves again.

And the police patted themselves on the back for getting their job done.

All of the adults looked forward to seeing justice served.

And everything went back to normal and good in the land where teens are not allowed to be in love.

4[Editors Note: F. Laurence’s story is actually from Micronesia, but we felt like including it today to remind us that American prosecutors and lawmakers are not the only ones who hate teenagers. Even among pretty island populations where life should be good, teens are hounded by adults who’d rather throw them in jail than see them in love.

Read an article, here: http://www.mvariety.com/cnmi/cnmi-news/local/53923-man-18-arrested-for-sexual-abuse-of-15-year-old-girlfriend

Note the commenter “Long-Time Resident,” who blithely assumes there “must” be drugs involved, among other ridiculousness; who couldn’t give a crap about the girl she(?) wants to paint as a victim; and who, most likely, spends her time making ill-informed comments on newspapers because she has no friends, let alone a lover.

For anyone interested in the real story of victimization here, that of Kanice & Juliet just visit Kanice on Facebook, where you’ll quickly find posts and photos from the real “Juliet.”


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