Megan Crafton forced into plea “deal”; convicted for consensual sex with legal-age boyfriend

The face of bullshit laws. Instead of having a whole beautiful life ahead of her, Crafton now faces 3 years in prison followed by registration as a sex-offender, on a once-valuable list that no longer has any meaning or utility whatsoever.

The face of bullshit laws selectively enforced by sexually repressed prosecutors who care about racking up their conviction rates more than they care about the young people whose lives they destroy in the name of saving young people.

After her attorney’s unsuccessful October 2012 attempt to have her ridiculous case thrown out of court, and after nine months of being bent over the proverbial barrel by the  sex-obsessed, youth-hating freaks at the Shelby County, IN, Prosecutor’s Office, Megan Crafton has been forced into a plea “deal.”

In exchange for pleading guilty to “conducting performance harmful to minors” — defined by Shelby County prosecutors as giving her legal-age 17-year-old boyfriend a blowjob — Crafton, 22, will not have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

Gee. What a deal. Especially considering “conducting performance harmful to minors” is a felony conviction that Crafton will now carry with her on every background check, for every job interview, etc., to say nothing of the widespread publication, in national newspapers and across the internet, of her arrest, mugshot, and conviction.

Such a deal. Crafton won’t have to register as something she is not: a sex offender.


The plea “deal”: The once-happy, 22-year-old Megan Crafton won’t have to register as something she is not: a sex offender.

Such a deal: a 1.5-year suspended sentence, probation for 12 months, 25 hours of community service, upon completion of which–provided Crafton is not arrested again for some other non-crime–she can try to get her conviction downgraded to a misdemeanor.

Nonetheless it will remain a conviction that few future employers (of which there will be none in teaching, you can be sure) will overlook, especially when said conviction comes attached to so-called “performance harmful to minors” (downgraded from the previous charge of “child seduction,” perhaps after someone informed prosecutors that they were stripping any meaning from the term and taking a big dump on the heads of actual child victims of adult seduction).

For readers unfamiliar with our previous articles–see all posts tagged Megan Crafton–in Indiana, the age of consent is 16 years of age, but state employees are prohibited from sex with anyone under the age of 18 whom they “oversee.”

Crafton, a cheerleading coach, did not, of course, oversee her boyfriend.

But he was a senior varsity basketball player at the school where she worked, and thus, according to Shelby County prosecutors creative interpretation of Crafton’s “authority,” Crafton was abusing both her position and her boyfriend by way of their consensual, completely legal sex.

“Even though he wasn’t a cheerleader that she had,” a spokesman for Shelbyville Police Department told reporters, apparently without breaking into laughter, Crafton’s boyfriend “was still in the system as a student, which put her in a position of authority, which made it illegal.”

And that’s all that really matters for prosecutors in Shelby County: putting a checkmark next to “conviction” takes precedence over the reputation and futures of the young men and women it purports to protect through its unnecessary enforcement of ridiculous laws.


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