Noted: Teen charged with filing false rape report

Reported at WVEC:

Teen charged with filing false rape report
by Velma Scaife, 13News /
October 1, 2012

NEWPORT NEWS– A 15-year-old Newport News girl who claimed she was raped last week is now charged with filing a false report.

The teenager claimed she was raped while waiting for the school bus near the Lochaven Apartments off Old Oyster Point Road.

According to Detective Amber Rogers with the Special Victim’s Unit, “The girl made up the story so she wouldn’t have to tell her father she had sex and she could still get protected with the Plan B.”

Plan B is a morning after pill that prevents pregnancy.

Police have taken out a petition charging the teen with filing a false report. The department also wants to be reimbursed for the $1,200 rape kit used in the investigation.

Detective Rogers says, “It’s very frustrating because we have legitimate cases and we had to take time away from those cases for one that didn’t happen.”

Police say that in the last two years there have been two legitimate stranger rape cases reported in Newport News.