Update: The Trial of Megan Crafton

Megan Crafton was just too happy and too pretty, and had too bright of a future, for the likes of the cynical, sexually-repressed freaks at the Shelby Indiana Prosecutor’s Office.

The Shelby, Indiana, trial of 22-year-old cheerleading coach, Megan Crafton, has been continued to October 15, to be held in Shelby Superior Court II, reports WISH.

The beloved and once-cheerful Crafton broke no laws whatsoever by having sex with her 17-year-old boyfriend (legal age in Indiana is 16), but the variously frigid and flaccid attorneys at the Shelby County Prosecutor’s Office nonetheless have decided to get their vicarious thrills by destroying a young woman’s life by painting her happy boyfriend as a “victim,” and by stripping any meaning from the term “child seduction,” with which Crafton has been charged.[1]

Crafton faces anywhere from 6 months to three years in prison, if the sexless freaks in the Shelby County Prosecutor’s Office get their way, and Crafton will be branded guilty of “child seduction”–a charge that any intelligent person would equate with seduction of an actual child.

As we reported in our earlier article, “Sexless freaks at the Shelby County Prosecutor’s Office get their kicks by going after 22-year-old cheerleading coach for perfectly legal, consensual sex,”Crafton “admitted” to police that yes, she’s been having perfectly legal, consensual sex with her boyfriend, but authorities wish to prosecute her because 1) their scabrous and crusted old sex organs no longer function and 2) because Crafton works for Shelbyville High School and it’s illegal for adults to have sex with anyone younger than 18 that they supervise or oversee,” even though Crafton does not in fact “supervise or oversee” her boyfriend in any way.

As reported at the Huffington Post:

Crafton’s lawyer asserted that the law doesn’t apply in this case, because as a part-time member of the cheerleading staff, Crafton doesn’t have authority over the teenaged boy. [2]

According to WISH, Crafton’s attorneys also note that “she was not paid for her duties and did not sign a contract with the school system.” [3]


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