Sacramento cops kill teenager carrying unload gun, guiding blind friend home

Sacramento cops shoot and kill yet another person. This time he was seventeen. Kid had a unloaded gun. Helping walk his blind friend to his home. Witness says cops never said a thing. Just started shooting.

“My friend turned around and said, ‘I’m guiding him,'” explained the witness. “Cops did not say ‘put your hands up’ or nothing, just started shooting.”

Ever since Sacramento County DA Jan Scully gave police carte blanche to shoot and kill anyone, anytime, for any reason, whaddya know, the rotten apples on the force have been taking her at her word….
  From CBS news:

    SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento police are still investigating an officer-involved shooting that killed 17-year-old Asencion Herrera.

Herrera’s friend Arturo Istlas, 17, says he heard everything happen but couldn’t see it because he’s legally blind.

That’s why Istlas was with Herrera yesterday. Herrera was guiding him on a walk through the neighborhood.

“He was young, full of life, always had a smile on his face, cracking jokes and had lots of friends who loved him,” said friend Jesus.

That’s how friends and family of seventeen-year-old Asencion Herrera say they’ll remember him. All day, they’ve stood together at a memorial made for him in the spot he was shot and killed.

“All we want is justice,” said Jesus.

Herrara was shot by a Sacramento police officer around 6 p.m. Saturday, when he was walking with Istlas in the neighborhood they live in.

“I get frustrated because I’m blind; got shot in the head six years ago, so I can’t walk myself around the block,” said Istlas.

Istlas says he was holding onto Herrara’s shoulder as he guided him along Teekay Way.

Police say officers patrolling the area spotted the two and believed they looked suspicious and approached them.

That’s when officers say they noticed a large, illegal assault rifle sticking out of Herrara’s shirt.

“My friend turned around and said, ‘I’m guiding him.’ Cops did not say ‘put your hands up’ or nothing, just started shooting,” said Istlas.

But police say Herrara reached for his gun and that’s when an officer fired several gunshots at him, killing him at the scene.

Herrara’s family members don’t know where he got the gun, but they tell CBS13 it was not loaded.

“He was not going to do any harm; he was doing wrong by carrying it, but for them to open fire like that?” said cousin Alvero Herrara.

Meanwhile, Istlas says because he’s blind, he did not know that his friend was armed as they were walking.

But he’s sure Herrera didn’t deserve to die.

“They could have done better. They had so much they could have done instead of pulling on the trigger and shooting. That’s my friend and now he’s gone,” said Istlas.

We spoke to police, who confirm the gun on Herrara was real; however they did not yet respond to the question of whether or not it was loaded.

Full citation: “Teen Killed In Sacramento Officer-Involved Shooting Identified.” CBS Sacramento. July 8, 2012.