Brilliant local Op-ed on child-sex-freak DA Lisa Riniker


Child-sex-obsessed District Attorney Lisa Riniker

An excellent op-ed, “6-year-old’s felony charges overzealous” — written by a college sophomore with more common sense than District Attorney Riniker will ever possess — appears in Madison, WI’s Badger Herald.

Writes Adam Ruechel, author of the op-ed:

I can’t imagine six-year-olds get a lot of mail. Why would they need to? And in addition to the danger of being hit by a moving vehicle, they aren’t even tall enough to retrieve it from the box. However, a young boy in Grant County recently got some interesting mail when he received an official summons by Grant County District Attorney Lisa Riniker, bringing a first-degree sexual assault charge against him after he played “doctor” with two five-year-old friends. For a game, a first grader has been brought up on felony sex charges. This obviously must be some sort of a joke, right? I mean where are his parents, and why aren’t they all over the news speaking on behalf of their son?

Oh wait, that’s right – it’s currently illegal for them do so.

Furthermore, Riniker also had a letter for his parents, who had no trouble in opening the mailbox to find a gag order – which they can hang on the refrigerator next to their son’s court summons and his latest art project.

It seems that when the parents of the boy (referred to as “D” to protect his identity) expressed an interest to contact WISC-TV, the CBS News affiliate in Madison, Riniker quickly sought a gag order for them, prohibiting them from legally discussing any aspect of their young son’s case. Not named in the DA’s gag order, however, were the attorney’s arguing on behalf of D’s parents in the federal lawsuit they are now filing against Riniker, Grant County and Grant County Social Services.

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