Recent Exceptions

Noted elsewhere: Judy Byington and “Ritual-Abuse Child Porn”

Blog explores paraphilia, paraphrenia, parapornography, and ethical and legal issues in the work of Twenty-Two Faces of Jenny Hill author and Utah-based private therapist Judy Byington (LCSW), who claims expert knowledge of intergenerational, global Satanic cults; multiple personalities / dissociative identity disorder as a form of mind control; divine instruction and intercession; levitation; and the ritual abuse, rape, and murder of thousands of children.

Sac. County Sheriff’s Dept. to Play with Teens, Give them Free Things

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department — in the news recently after one of their deputies, Donald Black, was brought up on charges of molesting a 14-year-old boy — says they are now giving away free turkeys to the families of teens who play basketball with the deputies.


Anti-gay Christian attorney Lisa Biron guilty of producing child porn, sexual assault of 14-year-old girl

Anti-gay activist and Christian attorney Lisa Biron was found guilty on eight charges related to child pornography and child sexual assault, including transportation of a minor with intent to commit criminal sexual activity, sexual exploitation of children and possession of child pornography, stemming from “taking a 14-year-old girl to Canada to make a child porn film with a Canadian youth, sexually exploiting the girl in making videos of her with another man and making a cellphone video of herself engaged in sexual activity with the girl.”


(Happy) update on Kanice R. Norita & “Juliet”

We are very pleased to announce that Kanice Norita and Sophia–we need not call her “Juliet” anymore–are married!

In February 2013, 18-year-old Kanice was arrested and charged with sexual “abuse” of a minor, for his long-term relationship with Sophia….


After 15 years on death row, Damon A. Thibodeaux is released

As if Louisiana detectives took their cues from the the extensive literature on how not to conduct an interrogation: “Only 54 minutes were recorded out of the entire 8 ½ hour interrogation [of Damon A. Thibodeaux]. This confession was inconsistent with the crime in numerous details. After learning from detectives that the victim had been strangled, Thibodeaux confessed to using a white or gray speaker wire from his car. Thibodeaux was fed non-public details about the crime, but here he guessed incorrectly. He couldn’t have known about the red electrical cord, which had been burned off a section of cord found hanging from the tree above her body.”


Noted: “Satanic Black Necrometal Posing A Grave Danger To Our Children”

“Job Samuelson” at Christwire: “Passing the underage blood orgy fuckpit where filthy metalheads writhed around nude on a grubby, fluid soaked mattress floating in a cesspool of blood with young teenage girls that had obviously been kidnapped, drugged and then forced to serve as unhallowed fuck puppets while Satanic priests in black robes ringed the pit, stroking their goat cocks and chanting Mephistophelian incantations, I perused table after table of all manner of demonic recordings featuring backwards masked messages advocating every manner of beastly and morally corrupt damnation. Additionally, on display, IN FULL VIEW were false idols, Satanic ritual implements and spell components as well as satanic bibles, black magic spell books, sacrificial animals, ritual daggers, bondage and torture instruments, and a veritable cornucopia of narcotic candy, goofballs, black widowpanes, slammers, Peruvian flake, Bahamian megadope, devil’s breath, nightshade, ladybubbles, wolfsbane, Frank Booth signature nitrous canister masks, Nazi vitamins, morphos, pig killer, pink witches, hell rox, bags of serpico 21, Mexican iguana scales, eye droppers of acid (hydrochloric, not LSD as one festival goer informed me), powdered foetus blood, salvia joints rolled from torn out pages of the Holy Bible laced with pcp and cobra venom and dusted with bath salts, not to mention an array of intoxicating alcoholic beverages and energy drinks laced with sacrificial goat urine and adrenochrome were all on offer….”


Debbie Nathan’s “Sybil Exposed: The Extraordinary Story Behind the Famous Multiple Personality Case”

Few journalist/authors possess the courage of Debbie Nathan, who was the first to publicly question the nationwide outbreak of false child abuse cases (ca. 1980-1995) that resulted in hundreds of wrongful convictions, and who later co-authored, with Attorney Michael Snedeker, the most comprehensive contemporary text on the Panic, Satan’s Silence: Ritual Abuse and the Making of a Modern American Witch Hunt. Equally important, this time in addressing the myth and madness surrounding diagnoses of Dissociative Identity Disorder (nee Multiple Personality Disorder) is the publication of Nathan’s new book: Sybil Exposed: The Extraordinary Story Behind the Famous Multiple Personality Case.